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by deepening your inner growth, integrating balance & discovering wholeness in your daily life.
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Here's a handful of podcasts for you to enjoy
 and deepen your spiritual practices

Love You Prayer
3 minutes

Practicing the Presence of God 
12.20 minutes

Walk with Me
46 seconds

Finding Flow Webinar
1 hour 14 minutes

Sinking Deeper Meditation
4.09 minutes

Divine Embrace Meditation
2.10 minutes

Chatting with God Meditation Practice
5.30 minutes

Walking Meditation Practice
5.05 minutes

Centering Prayer as a Pathway to Quiet our Minds
5.0 minutes

Breath Prayer Practice
5.30 minutes

Savoring God's Presence through Lectio Divina
4.0 minutes

Embracing Suffering with Infinite Love
5.0 minutes

How Do I Quiet My Monkey-Mind?
7.18 minutes

Breaking the Man Code
4.25 minutes

Pillars of Steel--the book 
an interview
26.58 minutes

Why Meditate?
5 reasons
5.31 minutes