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Individual Retreats
Life shouts.  God whispers.
An individual retreat is the ideal opportunity to reconnect, recharge and find the wholeness and balance we yearn for.
The individual retreat format is flexible, so it can be adopted to meet your schedule, be it a half-day, full day or weekend away.  Your individual retreat can be held in the city or on Lake Michigan depending upon your needs.
During your time, a spiritual mentor, helping you sift and sort through your reflections, can accompany you.

Group Retreats: 
Men’s Small Group Retreat on Lake Michigan.
Inside each man is a Spirit of wholeness and adventure, which speaks to us, guides us and shows us which path to follow.  Some call it the still small voice that has no voice—others call it simply the voice of God.  Still others call it the power of the slowing. 

Whatever we might name it, men often experience that voice with deeper clarity in the solitude of nature.
Join a small group of men for a weekend retreat on the shores of Lake Michigan to find and experience God’s voice speaking within you.
This retreat is designed to give each man time and space to rest, reflect, time to wander along the beach, to meander in the woods.  It also gives men an opportunity to share the experiences of the day around a roaring campfire.

To schedule or learn more about a group or individual retreat, feel free to  contact me.