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Talks & Workshops

Spirituality is like a funnel, continually drawing us deeper toward our Center. We experience life, gather new information, gain wisdom, and reflect on how we are being continually invited to a more holistic and balanced life.

Talks & Workshops are a way to get the conversation going on a variety of spiritual topics.  These conversations are a spark, a catalyst, to enrich you and your community, to help you dig deeper.

The Talks & Workshops offered can be adopted to fit your specific needs in terms of length and style of presentation.  They can be fashioned around breakfast, lunch or a pizza and beer format.  They can also be expanded into a weekend format.

Here are some of the topics to pick from:
  • Listening for God Knows What—Does God really speak to me? How?
Inside each one of us is a quiet voice that has no voice, a sacred whisper that helps draw us toward our highest good.  All we have to do is listen learn and tap into our inner compass.  This Talk will help you understand the voice of God and provide new tools to listen and integrate wisdom into your life.
  • Befriending Our Desires.
What are my deepest desires? What are my gifts? What do I do with them? These are the questions many of us ask as we mature. But how do dreams become that deeper reality?  How do we let the wisdom of our desires guide us?

The answer: by understanding the power of our desires and discovering our God-given gifts and talents.  Using various tools such as the Strengths Finders test, the Enneagram and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator you’ll discover your individual and collective gifts and learn how to put them into practice in ways that bring you and others joy and fulfillment.​
  • Breaking the Man Code to Become a Man
A lively conversation about the man code, how it limits men’s growth intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically.  Discover what you can do to break the man code and experience wholeness as a man.
  • A Short History of Masculinity
 Plain and simple, men are in the middle of a pendulum swing.  Patriarchy is dead or at least dying. Women have stepped forward to take their rightful place in society.  As a result, men’s roles are changing, begging these pivotal questions:
 What is genuine masculinity?How do men find wholeness in the midst of this pendulum shift?
 Discover how the re-definition of what it means to be a man in today’s culture provides a launching pad toward rebalancing our lives.

  • Falling Upwards: the Second Half of Life.
 Life can be seen as divided into two phases: the survival phase and the sacred journey phase.  Discover how you’re being invited in the second half of life to find deeper purpose, meaning and opportunities to grow and enrich life.
  • Fathered by God.
Deep in a man’s heart is the desire to live with passion, adventure and strength.  Where do these desires come from? How can they be understood and harnessed to help a man live fully alive? Join other men on the journey as we discover the six stages a man goes through as he matures in life and faith: beloved son, cowboy, warrior, lover, king and sage.
  • Spiritual but not Religious [SBNR]—huh?
Many of us are “recovering” from religion.  We believe in higher power, but are disillusioned by organized religion.  So, what are we really looking for?  What is it that draws us deeper?  How can our unrest be a gift that is inviting us to grow, to find God outside the box many try to put him into? Join others who are willing to reexamine life and faith, wrestle out loud with their questions, finding new freedom and truth.
  • Dreams—How God speaks to us through them.
 Our dreams contain a deeper wisdom for us since they come from our unfiltered consciousness.  How do we discover the symbolism these wisdom-catchers offer us?  This Man Talk offers a practical method for listening to our dreams and integrating their wisdom into our daily lives.
  • The Artist’s Way—A pathway to the Creator and Creativity.
Each one of us is born with a special talent, a creative gift that is part of our personality, part of our being, says author, Julia Cameron. But, we’re often too busy because of the daily push-and-pull of life to take the time to discover and develop our creative gifts.  As a result, our creative spirit gets hidden beneath the bushel-basket of a too-full life.  Your gift might be writing, drawing, painting, sculpting, dancing, sewing, whatever connects you to your soul. The Artist’s Way helps us discover our creative gifts, cultivate them, and learn how they are an important part of drawing us closer to God, closer to our true self.

Feel free to contact me to schedule a workshop or talk.