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Inner compass group informational meeting

Do You Want to Grow Deeper Spiritually?

Do you desire more inner peace, balance, and wholeness?  

Do you sometimes wish there was a way to be more certain about how and where God is leading you?

Are you interested in joining with a small group of other individuals to discern God’s movement in your life?
If the answer to the above questions is yes, then consider learning more about being part of an Inner Compass Group this Fall.
What’s an Inner Compass Group?  

It’s a small group  of 7-10 individuals who gather together twice a month (for three months) to discover how the caring love of God is present in each of their daily lives so they can recognize the practical ways God’s Spirit is leading them. It’s a form of group spiritual direction (also called spiritual listening) that allows us to be present to God for each other and hear the inner voice of the Spirit.

Free Informational Session to Learn More

Join us via Zoom for a free informational session to discover and experience how an Inner Compass works and how it might form a part of your faith journey. This informational session will give you a taste of what spiritual listening is all about so you can discern if this spiritual tool is life-giving for you.

Spiritual director, Brian Plachta, who’s facilitated dozens of Inner Compass groups over the past 20 years, will provide you with an overview of the process and lead you into an experience of the discernment practice.

A three-month group will then be forming starting in September for those who have further interest.

The Informational Session will be held via Zoom on Tuesday, August 11, 2020 from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm (eastern time).  


How do I Sign-Up for the Informational Session?

If you feel the God-nudge to consider being part of an Inner Compass Group and want to learn more, fill in your name and email address below. I will then send you a Zoom link to join us for the informational session.

How do I learn more about Inner Compass Groups/Group Spiritual Direction?

You can go to my website here:
and read more about group spiritual direction and our inner compass.
Also, shoot me an email if you have specific questions.

I look forward to your joining me for the informational session.

PS: When you register, you’ll also be signed up for my free Simple Wisdom for Everyday Living reflections I send out each Monday to jumpstart your week!